The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye

The stunning rock formations caused by erosion from the crystal clear water running down from the Cullins, the largest mountains on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, created the legendary fairy pools. Glen Brittle, a large glen at the south of the isle, is where the pools can be found. The tributaries of the River Brittle run down the Cullins into the glen forming a beautiful stream with waterfalls known as the fairy pools. Because of the spacious glen, the mountains, and the stunning waterfalls and pools, the area is extremely popular with tourists, hikers and mountain bikers. 

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In Seattle, homegrown solutions are changing how people get water

Why wouldn’t we use rainwater harvesting systems to capture our rainfall that runs from our rooftops and gutters to later water our plants? This seems like a much more logical step than installing expensive sprinkler systems by tearing into the earth and using POTABLE water to breath life into our arid soil. This would also drastically increase water utility bills I imagine. Plus, you can rest assured knowing you are doing your part to keep your plants alive via means of simply capturing natural rainfall.